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SAFE recognizes the need in our community for solace, shelter and support for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. With SAFE’s help, families are able to escape a life of abuse with Stacey’s house, our shelter for families seeking housing. From emotional support to physical support through our shelter, our staff is willing and able to give women and children the help they need to transition into a healthy and happy life away from their abusers.

Stacey’s House

Stacey’s House provides shelter for women, children and pets seeking emergency housing, as well as helps with meals, personal items and some basic needs. SAFE can also provide a safe space for male victims. READ MORE >

Children's Program

SAFE recognizes that children who have witnessed abuse in their homes need specialized child-centered support to recover from the impacts of the trauma. SAFE provides counseling and support groups for the children of survivors and provides coaching and support for parents on what to expect from their children as they recover from the trauma. Our goal is to help both parents and children heal and to avoid children becoming a part of the cycle of abuse.

Rather than simply providing childcare, SAFE employees are trained in the Positive Action curriculum. The series focuses on positive thoughts and actions leading to positive feelings about themselves. Children at the shelter work through the age-specific program with SAFE staff and volunteers covering topics including health, esteem, consequences, etc. All staff are trained to create a culture of Positive Action to ensure consistency when working with these innocent victims.


24-Hour Accessibility Line

Available 24/7 for crisis intervention, assistance and support, SAFE's 24-Hour Accessibility Line is intended for crisis intervention, assistance and support for individuals dealing with domestic or sexual abuse.

Call now at 828-885-7233



Safety and Options Counseling

Safety and Options Counseling pairs the survivor with a staff member to help them consider their options, identify their direction and work towards achieving individual goals. This may include referrals to other human services agencies for assistance such as housing, food stamps, medical assistance, childcare and employment, as well as assessing emotional needs as they heal from experiencing trauma.

Therapeutic Counseling
SAFE provides individual and group counseling sessions for survivors of domestic or sexual abuse. These services are provided by professional counselors and are free of charge.

Court Advocacy & Support

SAFE staff and volunteers are available to accompany survivors through the complicated legal or civil processes and paperwork. This program gives survivors the peace of mind in knowing that they will not be facing an abuser in court without support. SAFE does not provide legal advice, but typically refers clients to Pisgah Legal Services.


Relocation Services

For survivors who need to relocate due to safety concerns, SAFE staff will work with victims to relocate to another location where they will feel secure. Staff will help the client choose a location, contact a local agency in that area and confirm the availability of shelter.

Hospital Support

SAFE is available to offer assistance, support and advocacy to ensure victims are heard and supported while in the hospital through procedures such as the rape kit, talking with law enforcement and communicating with hospital staff and present family members.

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