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Safe Pet Barn


The SAFE Pet Barn is the completion of phase one of SAFE’s plan to create safe environments for cats and dogs that accompany their owners to Stacey’s House. The facility is climate controlled and allows clients to take care of and be close to their pets while staying at the shelter.

Less than 10% of domestic and sexual violence shelters in the United States are equipped to permit survivors to bring their dogs and cats with them. This is a gap that SAFE is working hard to fill. SAFE recognizes the importance to abuse survivors of keeping their pets with them. Having to abandon a beloved pet can make it difficult if not impossible for a survivor to leave an abusive home.

Pets are proven to help reduce anxiety, depression and offer a sense of comfort and companionship to their owners. This is especially true when those owners are going through major life changes and trying to heal mentally, emotionally and physically. This companionship and support is not something that should be compromised when seeking a violence-free living situation.

SAFE could not have accomplished opening the Pet Barn without the help of the individuals who donated specifically to this project during SAFE’s Capital Campaign. Other donors such as Mountainside Homebuilders and Glenn J. McPherson, D.V.M, are just two of those who have offered their contributions of time, energy, enthusiasm and financial support to make this happen.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make the Pet Barn a reality and to those who will continue to support this program through veterinary care, supplies, keeping the facility maintained and running on a daily basis. SAFE could not do what it does without you.

If you need emergency shelter, please call our 24-hour hotline at (828) 885-4237.

Pet Barn Exterior
Pet Barn interior
Pet Barn Playhouse

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