August 2018 Girls Empowerment Camp – press release

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Another Successful Year for SAFE’s Girls Empowerment Camp

There is no shortage of summer camps in Transylvania County. From day camp to sleepaway camp, children from all over the nation flock to our quaint little town every June to make new friends, hone new skills and make memories that will last a lifetime.

In early August, SAFE Transylvania concluded their 2nd year of Girls Empowerment Camp - a day camp for local girls, aligned with SAFE’s mission to end domestic and sexual abuse through prevention and healthy relationship education. Middle school girls from our community enjoyed learning about the importance of self-love, building relationships with peers and community members, and gaining life experiences.

Sellers Shook, SAFE’s Community Educator, believes that the success of empowerment camps lies in the hands of SAFE’s prevention team, who helped forge the way for empowering activities and educational workshops for the girls. From long hikes with the Pisgah Explorers Club, who taught valuable lessons from helping instill the importance of respect for nature to helping girls propose their own business plan, each and every program during camp helped teach the girls vital life skills. Collaboration from many organizations in Transylvania County ensured that the campers were aware of all the support, resources and volunteer opportunities available to them as they navigated their middle school years.

With another successful and growing year of Girls Empowerment Camp under SAFE’s belt, plans for next year will likely reach a larger portion of the community. With hopes of having a week reserved specifically for empowering middle school boys and branching out to high school age students, Empowerment Camp could potentially be fundamental to SAFE’s mission in spreading awareness to end sexual and domestic violence in our community.


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