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Support, Prevention and Outreach

SAFE will lead our community in eliminating domestic and sexual violence through prevention, advocacy, protection, education, and healing.

The SAFE team knows that ending domestic and sexual violence builds stronger families and safer communities.


SAFE wants to ensure that all victims of domestic and sexual abuse can find safety, be treated with dignity and respect, and get access to the opportunities and services they need to create long-lasting changes that will result in a life free of domestic and sexual abuse.

Prevention and Outreach
Ultimately, SAFE wants to create a positive and safe community that makes ending domestic and sexual abuse a priority and is consistently engaged in prevention, advocacy and education.

Who Are We?

SAFE is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a community free from domestic and sexual abuse.

SAFER Individuals
SAFE supports victims of abuse by giving them a safe space, offering them a multitude of services and providing consistent advocacy.

SAFER Communities
SAFE also focuses on the prevention of domestic and sexual abuse through education, intervention and outreach with an overall goal of creating more positive, stronger, and safer communities.

What Do We Do?

Above all, we support the victims of domestic and or sexual abuse in the community who are in need of physical, emotional and mental care. Additionally, we serve others whose lives are affected by abuse, such as children. Finally, we assist those participating in Domestic Violence Intervention Prevention Program.

SAFE engages community members who want to make an impact in preventing domestic and sexual abuse by serving as donors, advocates and/or volunteers for SAFE. We also integrate into local school systems seeking to educate and empower students for a safer future by implementing programs that promote healthy relationships, build coping skills and practice positive decision-making skills.

SAFE 990 Form

Thanks to the following grants we are able to serve survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Transylvania County

Thanks to the following grants we are able to serve survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Transylvania and Southern Jackson Counties

  • NC Council for Women & Youth Involvement
  • Family Violence Prevention and Services Act
  • Rape Prevention Education - DHHS
  • Governor's Crime Commission Victims of Crime Aid
  • GCC VAWA - Violence Against Women Act

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